The new way to trade intraday

The intraday offers many advantages compared to the swing trading :
● low exposures of your funds in the evening and Friday you cut everything.
● reduced cost, no overnight to pay, no roll …
● You can choose to turn a winner in day-trade swing trading (2_3 days)
But be careful … most amateur traders it break teeth, and here’s why:

Be active, look for entry points is good. But the flip side is that sometimes nothing happens, markets are flat. So, you try to get in and often not very good, and the gain going to quickly turn into a loss.

Our approach is based on an intraday two-pronged approach:

– Research harmonic points, by a simple mathematical method,
– An analysis of astronomical correlations with potential cycles in the evolution of prices. This is a rational approach based on statistical analysis of a long history (as far as the availability of data).

We obtain in advance the time points that have a high probability of motion. In general, it comes to turning points (around 60-70%), but not always
. Indeed, if we find ourselves in a movement already begun, there may be a reversal in the form of an acceleration. The point can also be a breakpoint.

Unfortunately, we think it is not possible to know several days or several hours in advance, what will be the direction of movement on the expected point. In fact, it is possible that a few tens of minutes, sometimes even a few minutes in advance.

The arrival on a line of support / resistance (we generate by the law of vibration) is an important criterion and should be taken into account: one of two signals crossing points is much stronger.
It is as if these points were acting as non-directional energy points. In fact, it is necessary to involve a more conventional method, such as the MACD or the PNZ.

Finally, the time horizon in which you trade also plays a role. Our points are optimized for vision UT5. They are especially useful in UT15 or UT60.

We add a second calculation UT60, for the weekly forecast turning points. They appear on the charts that you receive as a shaded area on which it is stated “point weekly.”

Ultimately, this allows to build graphics UT60 to the following: