75% good signals for July (on the cycles)

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The analysis process of signals :

Today, we are having a special article because we will discuss about our statistics which have just been updated for the Gold for the month of July. And it is rather famous because we have 75% good signals.

Let me remind you the principle which is time signals are sent the evening before to the members of the private group. So, that was for the month of July. Now, we send price signals too, at the same time and different other things. 

On the month of July, we had 231 signals because we are working on 5 minutes, making it a really huge packet of signal to peel, so it's been a time-consuming job.


The polarity is still in beta test :

As I said, the polarity announce in advance if you have a purchase or sale trend. This is something that is still in beta test and for the moment we only have 50 %. That's not enough but we leave it there for the moment. It is a supplementary indication for you.

So, there are some signals that we will definitely remove. Especially, signals which are like the one with the A signal which is at 53%, and which certainly jumped. But, you see that we have signals at 90% and several others at 85%, 95%.

The polarity of some signals is excellent. We ahve 100% on M and N signals. So, we will only eventually look at it on the signals, for example, from 70% we could practically keep them, and then maybe remove for others. We try to look for an idea of easy graphical representation for it not to appear confusing to those who receive the signals.

So, that's why, we have 75% good signals on the gold in the month of July.


See also the signals on the other markets :

The percentage of strong overestimated is something that we kept for us. It is not very interesting. Moreover, it is not very significant. So, we will gradually release the other statistics for signals of the DAX, the EurUsd and the Crude Oil. So, in most markets, they are backtested on five (05) years and more. And I remind you that it is on 5 minutes, so that's ten thousands signals which are not tested.

It's really not something useless, it's a really big work that we do. That represent days and days of calculations, computers that run full time beacuse it is calculated mathematically.

We wish you good trades. See you soon !

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