Prediction on the CRUDE OIL (Bluffing effect)

Prediction on the CRUDE OIL

(Bluffing effect)


Hello and welcome!



Checking the time :

Let’s see what time it is with the Paris time : it’s 07:43 PM. It is Wednesday, 02nd of September. I will try to make a prediction. I remind you that the timetables are based on London time. Some people always don’t believe me, but you can see that the London time it is 06:44 PM.

That’s it! The signals are given for the time of London, it’s marked here. It’s very important to be careful with that otherwise, we can make mistakes if we postpone the signals.



The grey signals :

So, we have a bearish signal given at 07:40 PM. It is a new way to present signals. You have some signals that are colored in gray. For these particular signals you get 50% on this polarity. What I will do is a prediction:

As you can see, we have our signal here that indicates at 07:40 PM. And I expect an inversion point at 07:40 PM. So, for now I will put the video on pause. And we will find each other back here a little later.

See you soon! 

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