Russian traders (secret trading technics)

It is known that you can’t judge a book by its cover. In this 80’s vintage video, you will see that anyone could be easily  a trader…





How to use TimeCycles on EUR/USD and make money.

This is a review for the EURUSD. In this video, you will see how I use the TimeCycles. This video is in French but you can use the automatic translation under the video.



The new way to trade intraday

The intraday offers many advantages compared to the swing trading :
● low exposures of your funds in the evening and Friday you cut everything.
● reduced cost, no overnight to pay, no roll …
● You can choose to turn a winner in day-trade swing trading (2_3 days)
But be careful … most amateur traders it break teeth, and here’s why:

Be active, look for entry points is good. But the flip side is that sometimes nothing happens, markets are flat. So, you try to get in and often not very good, and the gain going to quickly turn into a loss.

Our approach is based on an intraday two-pronged approach:

– Research harmonic points, by a simple mathematical method,
– An analysis of astronomical correlations with potential cycles in the evolution of prices. This is a rational approach based on statistical analysis of a long history (as far as the availability of data).

We obtain in advance the time points that have a high probability of motion. In general, it comes to turning points (around 60-70%), but not always
. Indeed, if we find ourselves in a movement already begun, there may be a reversal in the form of an acceleration. The point can also be a breakpoint.

Unfortunately, we think it is not possible to know several days or several hours in advance, what will be the direction of movement on the expected point. In fact, it is possible that a few tens of minutes, sometimes even a few minutes in advance.

The arrival on a line of support / resistance (we generate by the law of vibration) is an important criterion and should be taken into account: one of two signals crossing points is much stronger.
It is as if these points were acting as non-directional energy points. In fact, it is necessary to involve a more conventional method, such as the MACD or the PNZ.

Finally, the time horizon in which you trade also plays a role. Our points are optimized for vision UT5. They are especially useful in UT15 or UT60.

We add a second calculation UT60, for the weekly forecast turning points. They appear on the charts that you receive as a shaded area on which it is stated “point weekly.”

Ultimately, this allows to build graphics UT60 to the following:




The heart of the method (nobody 'd talk you about that )

“The tunnel trough the air “can hardly be synthesized quickly, but we discover a market approach based on two completely different visions that eventually merge into a single method:

– A numerical and “geometric” approach, a term used by Gann himself, of finding a harmony in the events occurring in the markets. Gann has called “Vibration law” (LOV, Law of Vibration), encoded as the word “love,” which appears on every page, since at first level, there s’git a love story .

– An astronomical and astrological approach, linking market events to movements of the planets; this can disturb, but the evidence is there, the dates of the 1929 movements, 1930, 1932 were announced by Gann in 1927 on the basis of these techniques.

Coding techniques are complex, based on puns, the gematria (Kabbalistic technical assigning numerical values ​​to letters of the alphabet), on issues of key pages (an event occurs on page 144: if you do not know how synodical cycle is 144 days, you can not understand, and a global architecture of the work of incredible complexity.

 There are 420 pages like this!

Among those who have achieved some results in decoding the Tunnel, in particular mention should be made Bonnie Lee Hill, who had exhibited some of his findings in a famous lecture in the small world of Gann researchers and we still seem to find on the internet with some efforts.

at this “secret” conference, Bonnie wears a wig and grimée, so as not to be recognized! I must say it has had some problems and inappropriate visits fans …

Bonnie Lee Hill, Gann had found an astronomical mechanism to predict with a fairly good reliability flood levels and precipitation in the southern United States.
As we know, this is a decisive factor for the volume of crops and hence on the price level. In the “Tunnel” Gann gives precise dates on which his hero, Robert Gordon had taken or sold its positions on cotton, which has allowed some analysts, like Bonnie Lee Hill decode his system.

Gann was a genius and genius does appear in this book, but it does reveal that those who have worked and searched, sometimes for several years.

The second book “Magic World”, published after the death of Gann, is even harder. It would contain spiritual knowledge, known to some insiders …
Very few people claim to have reached the end.

K. Takomb


Dear indicator! Tell me…Who Is the most accurate in the kingdom?

Mathematical graphical method
In fact, you are all alone you be asking this question.
The opposite would be strange indeed.

In the jungle of indicators, oscillators and various methods there are really only two families.

● The families of indicators, oscillators based on the price

● family indicators based on geometry.

I know that in saying this, I will offend some purists … but you’ll quickly understand the following:

1) the price:
moving average, RSI, MACD, Donkian channel, Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands, DMI, Parabolic SAR, Stochastic, Williams% R, momentum etc etc …

All use as the base set: the Prices and nothing else.
if you use the jointly they will tell you the same thing with sensitivity difference.
many traders use technical oversold / overbought to return a contrarian order. Only an oversold or overbought market can stay very long. It is therefore not a reliable solution.
Some traders use oscillators on the differences, the problem is that we often see after they are formed.

2) geometry:

there are three sub-categories.

Lines : Yes I too drew lines everywhere in search of support and resistance, shoulder head and saucers and other flag … very disappointing

The ancient mathematics: We all remember Mr. Pythagoras, and Fibonacci extension. In fact draw a Fibonacci levels on a chart often enables highlight element of the past …
the fatherly harmonics are to my knowledge the only valid technical tools for routine use. My teacher, mentor and friend “Larry Pesavento” writes in a very good book on the subject, which I highly recommend.
the disadvantage of this method is that it takes time to learn and also asked to remain at his screens …


a different way of seeing the future

In fact, we think :
1) no system, no indicator is not sufficient by itself, it is essential to combine several approaches based on different principles,

2) the need to find some information from other data than just price.

On this basis, after many tests, we used three approaches:
1) an analysis of patterns (Gartley, AB = CD, Butterfly …), based on the excellent work of our teacher mentor  and friend Larry Pesavento 
2) geometric analysis in the market based on Gann vibration Act (for those who are afraid of nothing, see the book “the Tunnel through the Air”)
3) the use ofastronomy,also practiced by Gann.
The first technique is based on the observation of the market structure. Experience shows that it gives 60 to 70% good results. It has the advantage of being used in several units of time that can reinforce each other.
The next two are independent of the price, which makes them very interesting. No more than the other, they provide foolproof results, but each reinforces the other. They also operate in all units of time.
Example of using the Law of Vibration on the S & P:











[blockquote text=’On 27/06/14, we had made a screenshot of this graph with a very accurate vibration point’ text_color=’#119BD8′ width=” line_height=’undefined’ background_color=” border_color=” show_quote_icon=’no’ quote_icon_color=”]



Technical analysis your worst enemy?

killing the enemy
The great defect of classical technical analysis is to rely on the only item available: the price.

By compiling price history, analysts have successfully developed an impressive set of indicators of all kinds, meant to alert you to what will happen.
The simplest is the right trend: the price has followed this line in recent hours / days, so it will logically continue …

But there is much more refined instruments, supposed you whether the market is overbought and therefore risk of dropping out or sold and presents a potential next rise.

It works a bit. We believe that these indicators tend to prevent you late (“lagging”) and that their signals are largely inadequate.

We believe we have tested and have been disappointed by most of those available on the market as standard.


“Where to start?”

where to start

The problem is not so much the tool but what you make of it.

Solutions exist, We have just seen a lot. I might add that some traders on a market sense and does not need indicators.

Only voila, I have been there too and also what is certain is that too much information impair concentration and lucidity.

I’ll give you something that nobody talks about but it’s so simple:

  • You will first remove all the items on your graphics: features, indicators, lines, everything
  • Now that you have a blank chart, you will choose 10 different markets and show this way.
  • For 2 weeks you go, try to feel the market in a notebook and write down your predictions.


At the end of this test period, you will have a lot of data, and can already draw some conclusions already know which markets you feel!



the method of trading, you will not see anywhere else


If you want to trade intraday: we can improve your chances of success, if you wish to know more, read this :


Trading is a risk. To succeed, these risks must be taken wisely and properly managed.

We can act on the first part, using in advance of precise time signals together with price levels completely enclosing the price movements.

What we unfortunately can not do: you guarantee results fail. But thanks to our statistics to know in advance the level of risk …

Here is a graph (here on the FXCM station), you see this:

We calculate in advance landmarks that structure the space of this way (all lines you see here were drawn before passing the course):

This lets you know in advance when prices can have a downtrend, sometimes large, sometimes transient

and what.the real levels (calculated on harmonic bases) of support and resistance, in which the prices will be based. Which will give you this:

See how prices are guided by the channel was calculated. See how prices behave on reaching our time signalsmarkets.

Generally we are looking large market such as :  Gold, EURUSD, oil (NYMEX) and the DAX CAC..

Other markets are planned shortly, notably CAC40.  The signals are given with an accuracy of one minute.

when you receive them, you prepare on your screen and you have the result a few hours later.


Then this:

Notice that the lines do not have the same thickness, because we give you a probability associated with the signals. Some signals are safer than others and it is useful to make it stand out on graphs. This probability is adjusted every week according to the latest resultsgold.

Other examples –

The forecast:


If you look you will see that all the signals are not good, and we do not claim they are, but our measurements give a probability between 60 and 80% depending on the markets and depending on the time.

In addition, some turning points beyond our signals (how is it possible?).

And we can Multipler the examples .other markets

Thus the EURUSD:

You see some minor point, and a first high but well tradable (the first signal, left – and a rather pretty low, scheduled to the minute since yesterday …

In the same way Here are two screenshots for oil (FXCM – US30):

The starting point is to say the end of the first graph is in the yellow rectangle in the upper left of the second screenshot . Look at yourselves the accuracy of all signals whose results you see on the second screensituations.’re

Put yourself in  looking to take a stand. Will you not vigilant when approaching a signal line? And if instead you already have a position, is not the time to go out? You are between two signals: you know you have a good chance to find the next turning on the next signal (but it is only a probability, not a certainty) and this will make you wait a bit

again.Once again, all the signals are not perfect, but we play the odds and are on our side.

Also look at the accuracy of our lines of support and resistance. It is not lines drawn from more or less arbitrarily selected points, but points calculated using resonance methods of WD Gann.

Example of OIl :

We traced some diagonal: we’ll talk about elsewhere …

That stop there. We work in parallel on two upper horizons of time. In daily, we have long-term forecasts, to a day.

 They are generally established for a fortnight in advance (see our article “gold market”). In 60 minutes, using a different methodology of our approach in five minutes, we establish forecasts whole week, which further strengthens our approach very short term.

They are used to define the sensitive areas of potential reversals close to an hour as can be seen in the graph below, prepared for the DAX:

These forecasts are for traders who work daily, but also the intraday, as we seek to detect movement of greater magnitude than previous

Now.How are we doing? Of course, there are secrets, because we have successfully developed this method after a long search and after losing a lot of money by trading in the dark, as do most traders today .

In fact we combine several approaches, based partly on astronomical rhythms that we develop in our article astronomy and markets“, second on mathematical analysis, especially geometric, with the ambition to walk in the footsteps of WDGann ,master of us all.

 For those who want to go further and understand the mechanisms on which we rely, we open some doors in our introductory courses in financial astrology.


The secret side of W. D. Gann

Illustration of a secret document with a wax seal

image00William Delbert Gann (1878 – 1955) is a mythical figure for savvy traders worldwide. This man, often considered a genius, had particularly planned the 1929 crisis several years in advance and had developed trading techniques is entirely unique that had allowed him to garner outstanding results. Fifty years after his death, his success was such that a large number of researchers are still trying to understand his secrets.

It left many interesting works behind him. Unfortunately the heart of his method remained as coded, and the key is not accessible to everyone. Many gurus now claim to have decoded Gann and want to sell you the result of their research. Mistrust: first check the quality of their own forecast before you commit.
Gann was born June 6, 1878 in Texas in a very religious family and very traditionalist farmers turned to reading the Bible. Very soon, however, he gave these readings a very different interpretation from that of his fellows in particular are seeing indications of astrological cycles.

Like the character in his initiation novel “The Tunnel through the Air”, Robert Gordon, Gann will succeed in leaving the family farm and into the finance and trading, starting with a job at a broker in the small town north of Texarkana Texas. We are in the south: the trading is therefore primarily that of cotton.

Gann then developed a technique of reading and predicting entirely unique markets, based on very personal mathematical techniques.
He was obsessed with finding a logic behind the apparent disorder of the markets. Thus he has especially developed the use of the square of 9 (explained in our courses intiation to financial astrology)

The business became successful, Gann spent several years in New York and then decided to continue his research from England. He became interested in traditional mathematics as well as astrology. He then met in London of a famous astrologer in his time, Sepharial and spent long hours of study in the British Museum before traveling to India and Egypt.

One of his research interests was to find market data as far back as possible in the past, particularly on the English grain markets.
Following this research, Gann developed his knowledge of numerology, astronomy and astrology. They say he had become a Freemason and there would be achieved the 33rd degree.

Some references:

“The Truth of the Stock Tape”
“How to Make Profits from Sweaters and Calls”
“How to Make Profits in Commodities”
“45 Years in Wall Street”
“New York Stock trend Detector”

« The Tunnel Through The Air » et « Magic Word », which are both initiatory novels (in English and very difficult: it is a search of several years which can in our opinion hardly be alone).

The figure was chosen as against emblem WDGann. It encourages collect squares and trines, which indeed would be a recurring factor in Gann analysis, at least according to Myles Wilson Walker.








Among the large amount of documentation and analysis that Gann left us, we should mention its financial table, which presents an analytical activity and economic and social climate based on years.
This tool is based on the ring lunar nodes(see chapter on the Moon) and they went in successive zodiacal signs. It provides a good basis, which should nevertheless also be modulated depending on other planets, including Saturn-Uranus aspects.
This tool gives very accurate information, but were denied by the last decade.
K. Takomb