Cycles on EURUSD (how to trade)

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In this article, we will talk about the eurodollar and the actions of cycles on it.

You are never safe :

It is Thursday, October 01 and you can see that the Eurodollar went skyrocketing. It rised well. So, I remind you that we are interested by the intraday on 5 minutes. I tell the reason for this choice quite often.

In fact, we prefer not to expose our capital over mid-long term periods especially at this time, you never know what can happen. We are never safe. I remember when we had Fukushima, we had a lot of exceptional events like that. I remember of course that I was in the two crisis on the market: 2007 and 2009. There was also 2011, when it was a little weird.


The cycles :

So, it is not wrong to take your gains regularly. I’m a little bit surprised when I see people on forums who advises to keep shares for ten years. I do not know but I would love to talk to these people in fact.

But I did not want to demoralize you. The idea today is to talk about cycles and their effectiveness especially, as you will see that the cycles are absolutely everywhere : in macro, micro, about 5 minutes, and even tics. And even though it’s still amazing, the cycles are there and they are really identifiable.


Our signals :

We had a signal. I did not have them all set. Of course, we are in London time here : the station and our signals. Our next signal is at 06:00 pm. If you want, you may notice the signals.

I regularly speak about this to people who follow me. The price action helps to us identify configurations: things we see all the time on all the units of time and all markets. There are reasons for this. I can tell you that professionals and operators look at the price action too. And I could be wrong but, I don’t know any operators with moving averages-based strategies for example. Banks do not have that kind of strategy.

So, if your strategy was to use moving averages crossovers for example (why not ?). There are people who sometimes happens to really feel the markets even with nothing. However, that won’t give you sufficient signals. The price action allows it.

These are not just trading robots but also complex algorithms that are not found in these figures. That’s it, we have these two signals which arrived very soon, we will follow them together.

If you want, we can watch the past signals because it was interesting too. So, we had a signal which was given as a powerful buyer with a high probability of achieving at 10 h 57. I’ll mark it. I suggest you to watch the video, you play it back or pause in order to note the signals.

Here it it and you should see that it was not proven wrong, it is an excellent signal. We have an horizontal construction down there with more contact points and especially some true figures of stop. If you follow my training on “Price Action Lv.1”, you’ll understand what I mean. You have hammers, that’s solid. You would want to buy there, there was no problem.

You see the SAR there, I use it but for something else. The SAR here tells you : “You have to sell”. Certainly, the moving averages crossover also says you have to sell. Well, the price action tells you the opposite and it is right. It is always the price action which is right. We have the lows becoming higher and higher. We also have this beautiful continnue building. 


The bearish signal :

We have the signal of 03:15 pm that was given bearish, with a high probability of realization and medium strength. So, I purposely do it simultaneously. There are always people who will doubt but today I do things live. It has not been edited. I’m sorry, if you do not like what I do, I advise you not to look because you’re wasting your time.

Then, we have this slight downturn which also was mentioned like that at 03:15 pm. We also have this release here. And how could we use it ? For example, if you were purchasing from here (that’s what I wish for you but of course, we can not always be all the time in the markets). You were here, so if you were buying, you had the ability to leave your lots or half of your lots. That’s how you should see the situation.

When we have a cost, it is because of this type of illegal construction here, we expect a little bit. We have this great drill that indicates a potential downturn. And it was this first large bearish candle which follows and which is lower, moreover, that this lock. This construction follows therefore that this construction. Here it was to be careful, but when you see the shape that it has: this parabolic form which is characteristic of pull-backs.

Well, we could purchase here. So, we were a little ahead of our signal of 03:15 pm. Of course,  we will talk about the one of 06:20 pm now. You wait a bit for the stabilization. So, for the more adventurous you could buy here even with little confirmation (this is because it lacked some ingredients anyway), and put a stop but not on the lowest when it’s like that.

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You could have put a stop on about half of the increase, for example, it was not worse. You can use a tool like the Fibonacci tracing to indicate a level.

Otherwise, it still needed us to wait for confirmation. So, I was just trustung a break out. That means the opening of these candles here, it is roughly at that level. You could get here to buy a really cheap stop on the lowest there, it really cost nothing at all. And even if we did stop, it does not matter.

Conclusion :

The idea is to try something with elements which are proven. We really are looking for quality signals. And even if sometimes, we can still be wrong, you can say “at least I respected my rules”. So you have some pride because, you had control of the click. There are people who can not help but click there, you could have done it and voila!

That’s it, we will follow the signal of 06:00 pm because when I have no signals, I just don’t trade. Trading all the time is useless. It is also good to go watch something else, get off of your screens, that’s how we find more serenity and perspective on what one wants to do.

Currently, you know we resumed our live trading  workshop. You can take a look at the schedule if you’re interested. We will talk in these workshops strategies based on price action and cycles. All these things that interest us. And if you liked this article you can put a like on facebook and youtube subscribe with pleasure. It is always a pleasure to see new people.

Thank you for having followed this article and video.

Good trades and See you soon !

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