How I choose to trade in 5 minutes

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It’s Monday, August 31st.


A new tool on our platforms for soon:

We, at Astrocycles, rested a little bit these last days and besides, it’s good to occasionally do it. I hope you can find time do that also so that you aren’t all the time following the markets. That’s how you end up making mistakes.

So, today we’ll look at the euro-dollar, I will not present the signals but, as you see, they are here on the side. It may also be the last time it is presented this way because thre is a new tool that is coming out very soon for MT4. And also for another platform that I will present later.

MT4, there are many brokers who use this system. And it’s still pretty convenient to get the same thing with only one-click. That is to say, all our signals are displayed directly on your charts without anything else to do to open your station.

But for the others (and besides I use it) you see I have not put here yet. We will do it together, today’s forecast for you, if you are a member of the private group, so you get the signals the night before.

Well, it’s a really different approach since you know in advance the reversal probabilities so that you can organize your days. And that is in order not to stay all day long facing your screens. And this is really much appreciated. This is really another way of trading, in any case I really encourage you to try it.

Something new on signals :

So we have this signal this morning at 9:31 am. I am really showing you the live conditions here. An announced signal, as you can see. We have also have a new color. When we have this Grey color, it is something new on the signals. It simply indicates that the polarity is not certain. In any case it is in an order of the 50 percents. So when we had said it would be “bullish” it is the opposite.

Comment je choisis de trader en 5mn

In any case, you have exactly on the candle, on a candle, since the start went just before, but you see at 09:31 am on the front candle. I want to remind you that we are in 5 minutes, so that’s 25. We have the beginning of a reverse.

But we had evidences anyway, I really encourage you to watch our videos on Price Actions. You will learn many things. And even that can be enough for you. You might not have to use cycles. This is practical.


I’ll copy the signal of 10:46 am. It is a useful feature on the FXCM trading section. 10:46 am. So, we have 05:26 pm, 06:02 pm. We are still waiting for them. I’ll put them here and then we’ll see tomorrow. We will see what we get. At 17:00 am, the market today that is a bit … Let’s see if it changes with the openings of the US in a moment, may be it will take off a little. I am not in the market today, I am saying this sincerely.

That’s it

So, thank you for following us on this episode. I just wanted to tell you that tomorrow, you’ll see, it’ll be pretty amazing. I will say nothing more. Look, if you have not subscribed yet, then subscribe to the Youtube channel.

See you tomorrow. Good trades and be careful!

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