How to use the signals

Hello and welcome to this presentation !

Check the signals in your emails :

In a moment, we will see how to use all the signals you’ve probably received in your email. So, if this is not the case (because often the signals are found in the unwanted spam box) so see if it’s there, I advise you to put our emails (the recipient) as favourite, so you will not have this problem.

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The types of signals :

I’ll show you different types of signals. Here I took an example with the crude oil, but I will show you all our signals. The purpose is to show you how to effectively put on your screens every time signals with just a few clicks.

So, you have this kind of signals or, if you are subscribed to our “weekly” signals, you have something a little more refined. You have one presentation per day but they are exactly the same signals as those received by the members of the private group.


How it works :

I am just reminding it to you, on the evening of the day you receive the signals for the next day. These are time signals. But there are also price signals. That’s another type of service proposed by us. Especially, our trading robot which is an indicator that shows you automatically what we will do manually now.

It shows you the signals of time and prices automatically, so it’s a small gain of time. Then you have the price signals on all those which are formidable.

So you’ve probably received something similar to that. Let’s immediately select the crude oil. So, I have voluntarily set nothing other than the course. And even, I invite you (it’s a matter of habit but we will want) to remove the maximum amount of information. What we want to see it’s just the course, and that’s it.


We’re still on 05 mins :

We are trading on 5 minutes. I remind you, our signals are given for 5 minutes. We can check, it is Tuesday, September 22. On the Crude Oil, you have a polarity indication and I will tell you more about that in the following video.

What we want to do is identify the signals, depending on what suits us. It is about trading all day long. The objective of these signals is also to trade as little as possible and as best as possible.

So, for example if you are available only from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM, of course it is useless to indicate the rest. You can do it if you want to look for the effectiveness of signals, but it does not necessarily interest us here regarding what you will do.


The vertical bar : 

We’ll just take a vertical bar. So, if you do not have one, I advise you to quickly change your broker because it’s just not possible. This is the basic tool. If you do not have it, you may have rectangles or something like that.


We are on the London time :

So, we had a signal at 09:06 pm. So, I already said it and that’s very important : the signals are given for London time. So, be careful, when you open your charts, what time is shown on your station (it is depends on who is your broker).


Each broker has its particularity :

There are brokers, such as FXCM (which is also the station that I currently displays) that is on London time. I think for IG Market it is Paris time. Interactive broker, it is rather an American time. So, you really have to pay attention to this because later it is a source of problems.


Conclusion :

So, we had this signal there at 08:13 pm. As you can see, I entered them directly. Here it is! You do this for all the signals. You can see it’s very fast, it takes about 2 minutes. I was a bit little slow because of my VPS but, it should not take more than 05 minutes per market.

I invite you to meet me again in the next video. I’ll show you and explain the different types of signals.

See you !

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