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This is a special review for today. It is a review of the EURUSD for this week’s start. We are on Monday, 20th of July 2015. And as you can see, we have here the same signals that the members of the private club receive every night before the opening.


The polarity is in beta testing:

To clarify, we are now in beta test for this new version. All subscribers have obviously received instructions. This is in fact an indication of polarity, which is very practical. Of course, these are always probabilities that we statistically know in advance. Now we can tell you the probability of rise or fall. So, this is a real plus. It is only in beta testing with the main markets : that is to say on eurusd, the crude oil, the Gold. It is not yet available on the DAX at the moment but that won’t take too long.


Notable movements: 

We still had some remarkable movements. It is not something static. So it was still fairly easy to trade. You could notice that with the first candle this morning and others before.


Baisse prévue sur l'eurusd grâce aux cycles

There was the signal of 8:48 which was a lower intensity signal. With the one at 10 h 31, it’s still exactly on the bottom with a bearish indication.

So it was not hard to put on a sale this morning with a stop on the highests. And eventually to get out of your position here and just reverse it. Anyway, I think it is a good trade. Even a trade like that, with enough items, is enough for the day. So it still allowed a nice trade right at the entry. 

As you can see, we had still several fairly frank signals. I would like to remind you that these are Time Signals. So when you are in position, you can define an input point and an output point. Especially when you have an indication, for example, of opposite signal to your entry point.

The cycles are repeating :

If you have an indication of purchase or fall to these points. And the next signal is also an indication of purchase or decline. Then you know that it is a good way to know when to get out. Often people are worried : they look and think only about the prices. We are less interested in that. What interests us above all is the Time. You will see that the cycles are repeating.

You see this one is also pretty obvious, even if it is a bit quirky. Let me remind you that we are still in five minutes. So, we have one, two, three, four candles. That means 20 minutes of time lag from the signal, but it was quite playable. And again, these are stops that do are not very expensive. For example here you just put on the highest and sell. Because you know that there is a support which is spotted here. So you can come out very well with the rule that we provide to the members.

Conclusion :

So in summary, we had a lot of very good signals. This one was a little bit shifted of three or four candles. So on 5 minutes that means 15 minutes, 20 minutes. But, again it was also a great opportunity. You have the polarity on the Eurodollar and so you knew it was bearish. It was enough to put a stop here on the highests and it was not expensive at all. The risk-gain was quite good and again you can use the cycles to exit your positions.


That’s it! It was Monday. Good trade to all of you and see you soon!


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