Monstruous moves on the EURUSD (and how to get out)

Hello and welcome, 

Today, we will look at our signals for the day. We are Friday 02nd of October. I still remind that the hour of the station is based on London time and so are our signals. Be careful not to be confused with that. At first it may disturb.

Short release at 12:16 pm :

You see it was given bearish earlier today. We had a brief release at 12:16 pm. I mark them in live. We will try to be accurate. You see that the signals are given in advance.

If you are a member of the private group, you know this pdf document that is sent to you every night. And you see that the signal at 12:16 pm worked very well. It was not given with a high probability of occurrence, that means only 65%, but here we have the confirmation with this beautiful shooting star. In any case, it is the spirit of a shooting star. This is because we are not there.

Mouvements monstrueux sur l'EURUSD ( et comment s'en sortir) 1


I say that because the shooting star is always on the highests. Here, we had to play the rebounds of course


A probable end of waves :

As we are in a downtrend, we should obviously avoid to get in front of the market. You know that markets are not falling all the time and don't rise continuously. There are phases of stops and flat consolidations phases. For now, we will wait for our future signals : 03:55 pm and 05:16 pm that are given bearish with strong realisation probability.

This is certainly an end of wave, I think it will happen. So, we will be looking for the lowest. I also wanted to show you what we have on our rebound.


Our MT4 indicator :

We have our MT4 indicator, a station which is also interesting. These are exactly the same signals that are given, in advance of course, by the indicator. The signals are continually updated and it is not an indicator that repaints.

I remind you that everything is given in advance, everything is calculated in advance. You have the lines of price and time. It is something extremely powerful. I am showing it because it will soon be available for people who want to subscribe. There is a version that is still in the testing phase.

You can also see that our price lines worked incredibly well here. All intermediate price lines that are crossed, it is a very simple rule : it means we will look for the next one. And if you cross here with the price, you have something extremely powerful. I think we will soon look for the lowests.


Watch the economic announces 

You can notice we have an indication of weakness here : 


Mouvements monstrueux sur l'EURUSD ( et comment s'en sortir) 2


There are movements showing us that we are certainly in the middle of an announce. So, because of this, we must wait. When it is like that, we can expect traps for sellers! You see that it is also important to look at economic announcements. There must have been many people who suffered here.

That is the reason why, when I have no time signal, I just do not trade. And now, we take into account economic announces more often in our signals.

We retrieved some signals because they fell at the same time. So, it is better to be there on those shots. I give you an appointment later on because, I might do a video for the 2 strong signals (in the probabilities rate) 03:55 pm and 05:16 pm. So, I'll see you later.

See you soon, be cautious !

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