Our results of July + bonus

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So, today we are Friday 21st of August 2015


Hundreds of signals to be analyzed :

In fact, we have already published our first results on the Gold. I invite you to read the article on the blog.

So here, we made a complete tour of all our markets : the Gold, the Crude Oil, the EurUsd and the Dax. It was a fairly long process for each market, I remind you that we have signals based on 05 minutes. So, it makes hundreds of signals over a month to analyze because each day there are between 8 and 15 signals per market.

Therefore, hundreds of signals to be analyzed. And we prefer to do it visually with the purpose of getting something obviously finer. Some people may say it is subjective but obviously, you can watch all our signals and you will see that the signals that are announced in advance, in general, are relevant. If this is not the case, we regularly try to remove some.

That was just an introduction for this review of our signals. Let’s look at here right away :


Résultats réels


The Gold :

So, you see that we still have very good results. The Gold, we had announced it at 75% of good signals with especially good timing. That means, we leave a margin of 1 to 2 candles when you are on the 5 min. So, 5 or 10 minutes. Which is quite a demanding task : we have a very low tolerance and we discard the signals that are not within this range. This is done systematically.

The polarity on the Gold is 53% : we keep it but it’s still a bit blurry and the question arises : “Is it tradable?” Yes, it is tradable but one out of two. However, by using the Price Action which I mention regularly on the blog and videos, you can have something that works very well. While the polarity is just a bonus.

And you will see that after the summer, we will have new tools that will be extremely powerful. Including the price at the exact point and a new tool that we also develop which should be released at the same time, maybe early in September. A tool that will display our indicators directly on the famous MT4 station which is found in many brokers. So, after that we’ll see if it is developed on other platforms.

That’s it for the news.


The Crude Oil :

As you see, on the Crude Oïl we have 65% good signals. It could be better but it’s not bad. In fact, we filtered much more on it and you’ll see what happens.



For the eurusd it’s the same : 65% good signals too. What’s worth noting is that on the crude oil, we have a polarity which is greater than 63%. You’ve seen it in some of my videos, we had turning points that are really accurate. And that is definitely tradable. However, it is a bit disappointing compared to what we expected. But, you will see, we also filtered a lot. So, you will see forecasts from August to September.


The Dax :

On the DAX we have 73% good signals, we are quite satisfied even though the polarity is not excellent. So, here in this case, we decided not to display it for the moment, in order that you won’t be influenced in your trade. But, we are in the process of improving and has very good prospects. You will have the details of all these numbers.


The results with the filters :

I want to talk a bit about it once more. Now, even with the applied filters, we removed the signals which did not appeared relevant. And as you can see, we got to much better results. Let me show you the previous ones :


Résultats théoriques


75% on the Gold and we hope to get 81% good signals with a polarity of 71%. So, it was really outstanding in the month of August. From the month of August, the Crude Oil we had in the month of June-July. We had 65% and 63% of polarity. A remarkable improvement 74%, 68%. So, it also really tradable.


There are some very good shots to make on the Crude Oil especially, if you are beginner. I really advise you not to go on the eurusd or on the gold. The two markets that are still relatively logical and easy to trade are the Crude Oil and Dax. The CAC 40, if you have a patriotic instinct. But you still have much less points than the Dax.

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The eurodollar is at 65%, and here we get to 74%. You should know also that we will still work on the polarity, but 65% is widely tradable. The Dax on which we were at 73%, and it is still 73%. We are trying to improve it, it’s a big job. In reality, the markets in which we worked first are those first 3 markets.

It’s still on the way for the Dax, of course. So, there is no real changes for the Dax. But I think in September, it will be on the same level as the gold or the eurusd, we are hoping it.


I wish you good trades and see you soon !

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