Prediction on Gold (I did it)

Good evening!


So today, we'll look and check the London time. Here it is : it's 07:04 pm, Wednesday 02nd of September. We will also look at the time for Paris. It is 08:04 pm.

Quick reminder on the signals:

We have a signal that is expected for 07:25 pm, London time. This is a signal which is given 50 - 50 on the polarity. Some signals that have better odds are indicated in blue. And the signals that are shown in gray are those which polarity is still being studied for now.

However for timing, we known that they are generally very good. As you can see, with the one at 06:27 pm, which reacted very well.


The prediction :

So I'll make a prediction : I think we are going to have a reversal here! Or more precisely, it will accelerate to the downside.


That's it! I will pause the video.

See you later.

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