Result of the prediction on Gold ^^

So, we are back.


We’ll immediately check the time. It is the London time since the station is based on London time . It is 18 h 47, Friday 4th of September

I let the station going on for a little while. We are on the Gold and you see that we have a very relevant signal. It is less marked than in other markets. Why is that ? 

Because we are in a very strong trend of decline. But anyway you have a perfect stop here.


Interpretation :

The Elliott theory isn’t always relevant :

To explain it, when you have this wave with those rebounds that can be counted : one, two, three, four, five. Often, the end of the fifth wave, if you follow the Elliott theory. It is a warning for an End. But here, it is not that true because we are trading on 05 minutes. So the waves of Eliott, you can count on them but it’s not always relevant.

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However, you have a double bottom here which tells you with more or less certainty because that’s what chartists look at. I have nothing against the chartists, but it is not an exact science. So, this double bottom shows a temporary end of the movement. Then, maybe we just need to play prudently a long here . Though, I always like to be in the trend.

And here you notice that the ups are becoming lower but not here. We have a really bizarre behavior of this index here, you know gold advance quite oddly sometimes.

You have this double bottom here so, we may say :“we can buy”. Then here you have this little hammer that gives you confidence and you say : “hey, I might keep my batches here”. You see, if you came in there, you have your long, it rises and then you say : “Hey, that’s a small decline, but it will remain good, and then, I have hammers there, I’ll keep this long”. Yes but NO. Why is that ?


The use of having signals :

So, it’s true that the lows are increasing higher and higher. You even have it here in relation to this line, if you don’t count the wick (but I’ll count it anyway). It is true that this low is higher than the latter. So we can think of an indication of rise, but in fact this is a false indication. Remember, we had indicated a decline in advance.

So, this is also what you can do with our signals. That means having the opportunity not to be all the time in the markets, not to be obliged to constantly monitor everything that happens. And by the same occasion be exhausted because I have been, for years and years, staying in front of screens.

After a moment, we don’t know anything, we see nothing and we do not understand what is happening. So, the best is to be fresh when you arrive. You have a signal at a certain time, you look at what happens just before. On most of the markets you will have the polarity. And then you come home with a stop which is cheap. (I have other videos and articles, that you can watch, about the stops on the way).


Deduction :

Therefore, here you could use a cheap stop. You see we never got higher: I mean we never returned to the highest. So you can go here sell position without risks. And there you go!

I would say that after that you could just go to the mushrooms. Because, we really had a pretty fall today.

So, if you also want to test our signals. It is absolutely free for one week, I really invite you to test it. This is truly another world that awaits you. You will never have to stay in front of your screens for hours again.

That’s it, I wish you good trades and I hope to see you soon!

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