Result of the prediction on the CRUDE OIL


We're back on that prediction. As we can look on the video it is Friday 04th of September, 06:42 pm. I let the video go on and now let's take a look at the result of this prediction. It is quite impressive :

You can see that we have just a small shift of candle but as we trade on five minutes it's still good !


What we can learn ?

Firstly, we have this great upward movement which has stopped. So, for people who were in position here it was a way to take their profits and do something else. Or, as I advise you to do : take out half of these lots. But, concerning for this, I will tell you more about that in another training.

FireShot Screen Capture #056 - 'Résultat prediction sur le CRUDE OIL - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=D5T8wvC_kxISecondly, you could try a little "short" here without taking too many risks beacuse of what you have here. In general and especially on the Gold and Crude Oil, on ends of movement, you have clearances with large candles. Look closer to your graphics  and you will see that the more you are going to watch them, the more you'll be conscious of that.

That's why you could try a "short" there which was quite good as there was 50 cents to take. That's not few.


Sign of an end :

FireShot Screen Capture #057 - 'Résultat prediction sur le CRUDE OIL - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=D5T8wvC_kxIHere, there was a slowdown indication. So, you could get out there for example, or let it slip or perhaps, put a trading stop. And if you're lucky, go out here or here or why not ?

When we have hammers like those, it is often a sign of ending. And besides we are in a "range" that lasted a good part of the morning : the beginning of the day until the opening of the US, so it was not very interesting actually.

However, this signal, I announced it late but it was biased. To show you that there are always, all the time trade opportunities, so you do not have to be constantly on the markets. There is no point in doing that. It is especially a good way to get tired. That's not what we want : what we want it is mainly the quality of signals.

And besides I suggest you to try our free signals for free during a whole week.

So, I wish you good trade, see you soon!

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