Secret of Trading

A neglected trading method ?

Trading Price and Time is one of the possible way of trading but traders tend to leave it out often. This trading manner can predict potential turning points in the markets. You may use Fibonacci and the Gann Square of Nine as tools in this method. You will then be able to determine future reversal points by both the price of the market and the date.

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If you use Fibonacci, you track down the preceding high and low that are emerge and their corresponding dates. Then, by using Fibonacci ratios like 0.382, 0.50 and 0.618, you calculate the probable turning points.


Application :

[thrive_lead_lock id=’76038′]For example, our low is 300 made on January 1st and our high is 400 made on June 30th. You calculate the difference in the prices and the dates then multiply them by the ratios above as showed in the following :

400 – 300 = 100

Now you multiply 100 by the ratios and subtract them from the second number (400). So if we take the 0.50 ratio, it is :

100 * 0.50 = 50

400 – 50 = 350

Your reversal point is 350 then. You do the same calculation for the 0.382 and 0.618 ratios :

100 * 0.382 = 38.20

400 – 38.20 = 361.80


100 * .618 = 61.80

400- 61.80 = 338.20[/thrive_lead_lock]


Conclusion :

So you get 3 potential turning points in the market : The first price which is 361.80, the second 350.00 and the third 338.20.

For the time, we have applied the same calculations of the diff**$e$r**ence of the 2 dates and we get 3 dates where we have a potential reversal:*

Date1: 9/6/2006, Date2: 9/28/2006, Date3: 10/19/2006


Now you check if the Price and the Time “Meet”: if the potential price hits at one of the potential dates, this is where Price and Time have met.

The Gann method is a bit more difficult to use. That’s because it requires a program or the Gann square of nine in printed format in order to show the forecasted price reversals.



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