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The Guardian (MT4) Q&A:

Very simple follow our instructions here

You can download the version :

Market Cycles (MT4) Q&A:

The robot needs to be feeded with our datas  see our Prices and Plans to receive our signals.

Our datas are set for FXCM market users.

Here is as an exemple for DAX (GER30):



Your broker may use a different name  like : Ger30Sept_16′

The robot will look at the same related name Market and files :  TradingTime_Ger30Sept_16.csv’ ‘TradingPrice_Ger30Sept16.csv’.

To use the robot correctly, rename the files with

TradingTime_name of your market.csv

TradingPrice_name of your market.csv


For more details : Here is a video tutorial 

You can download our reference guide V1.02 from here (French and english)

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Here is video tutorial

Q&A on User account:

We can pause your subscription for a small maintain  fees of 7euros/ monthly.

Please open a ticket from here to activate this plan.

How to use the trading system ?

To start using the “trading the market cycles ” system you can start watching those videos (in french, use the subtitles) :

Use the system “trading the market cycles”

Trading the DAX with micro cycles

Youtube channel

you can subscribe HERE, we’ll put you on the waiting list for the next coming offer.

Cyril Kazanoff provides mentorship and seminars to a small group of motivated traders. Unfortunately it’s not possible to give a high level of training to everyone.

See if you can apply HERE

Note that we are not interested making money with any broker, signals sellers,  binary options company etc… or any money made on retail traders.

We decided to be 100% independent therefore we do not promote anything with affiliate links.

If you have a serious offer, please send us a message from here

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