The Guardian Angel

- MT4 Expert Advisor -

The Guardian Available for MT4 .

The Guardian Angel -NEW V1.08-

Ultimate Trading Tool for MT4

  • One click Trading

    It calculates StopLoss and TakeProfit with % or real money risk according to your account.
  • Economical news

    Displayed in RealTime on your chart with various settings.
  • Money management

    Your account is safely watched thanks to our algorithm that detects 50 case scenario and warns you in advance.
  • ReaTime info

    Everything you need to know about your trades gathered in one window.
  • Trade as you like

    Fixed, graphic, Hi-low StopLoss. % or real money TakeProfit, Smart BreakEven.

Concentrate on your trading NOT on MT4

The Guardian is meant to simplify your trades: In one click, your trade is set, your Stop Loss  and Take Profit is calculated automatically no matter what you trade : Forex, Index or commodities.

Forget the time when you had to calculate how many lots or contracts you need to open a position and respect your money management.

You can now focus on your charts not on MT4 ! 

The Guardian is your friend !

First of all the Guardian will always tell you the truth : You can be a multi-billionaire trader or just a beginner, the first enemy in your trading is not the market but rather YOU.

Remember the times when you moved your Stop Loss adding risk to a losing trade. Or when you opened 4 positions at the same time with NO stops AT ALL  😯 … or when you just burned 10% of your account in 2 hours…should we keep going on ?
The Guardian will detect all those bad things and Warn you directly, send you an email or an SMS. It will stop you to do stupid things and SAVE your trading account.
Of course you can ignore it… but maybe it’s time to stick to good habits.

Premium Dashboard window

The dashboard allows you to place orders and calculate your risk in one click.
Once it’s done you can forget about it.

Manage your positions

Let’s say you want to close your losing position and move your Stop Loss at Break-Even on the wining position and also open a pending order for pyramidalization.
click-click it’s done…

Stealth mode (or secret mode) -coming soon

The Guardian will hide your Stop Loss and Take Profit order.
Sometimes you don’t want your broker to see those things.

Money Management on steroids

Once a position is opened there are only 2 solutions : You win or you loose.

So let The Guardian take care of your positions for you. We use top intelligent algorithms that will decide when to put a Break-even, trigger a Trailing Stop (several modes), and take your profits.
Trading is an Art but Money management is Maths.

The Guardian Monthly Plan -MT4 version-17 €

  • Unlimited updates
  • Awesome support
  • 7 days of free trial

The Guardian 1 year Plan -MT4 version- save 30%147€

  • Unlimited updates
  • Awesome support
  • 30% off

A NEW WAY to trade

"Using the Guardian is like having a friend watching over your shoulder and protect you"