Violent movements on the crude and superb cycles (Must see)

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Today we will talk about the Crude Oil. We are on Tuesday, 21th of July 2015. If you wish, you can put the video on pause as usual and record the signals.


Violents movements :

So today we had quite violent movements. We like that on the crude oil. The early risers had a good indication of decline at 9:10 AM and you see that this is actually late of three or four candles. There was this movement and this one before, after that it was quite easy to make the purchase, it was cheap. We had a pretty clear indication of increases. Let me show it again to you: we already had another with the 01:15 PM signal that depict this beautiful take off.

crude oil 1 - Mouvements violents sur le crude et superbes cycles (a voir)


And why do I say that ? Here we have a beautiful wick followed by a bullish engulfing. We have this candle here that completely cover the previous one. Then we only have blues (blue signals) after this steady rise. So if you are really fearful, it was enough for example to get here on the break-out, because I know there are many people who are looking for break-outs. This does not cost very expensive to put a stop there and to purchase.

An increase of $ 1:

And you can still see a great opportunity on this one. We have more than $ 1 on the increase. That’s a lot of money. So now we can expect the signal of 04:16 PM. It is 06:16 therefore, London time is less one hour. You see on this part, we have what is called a “cluster”.

crude oil 2 - Mouvements violents sur le crude et superbes cycles (a voir)


We have 2 signals that are very close to each other : the one on 5:01 PM and 5:12 PM. It’s a little bit outdated and should be here. I think we’ll be able to do something and I am awaiting for the confirmation. We are not exactly on the signal. Then let’s wait a bit because I think I have a little bit shifted it.

Indeed, we must put it the right way.


Conclusion :

So we are exactly on our signature. When it’s like that, after a violent movement, even though we obviously want to do something, we will simply wait the end of these candles. I want to point out that after our next signal, we still had here all these rise indication signals.

It was 07:49 PM, which was a beautiful fall signal.

We’ll wait a bit to see how it stabilizes on this candle. Perhaps, we will attempt a purchase, but we remain cautious because you know we have this signal of 07:49 PM.

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So that’s it! I’ll see you soon for news on the Crude Oil.


Be careful and make good trades!

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