What types of signals ?

Now, let’s see together all the types of signals we are dealing with.

Signals based on the cycles :

Previously, we saw how to put the signals on a figure. Here, I also changed the market we are trading : this is the DAX. Now, I will talk a little about this system. You have not probably seen this system elsewhere, since it is a system that is based only on the cycles : the price cycles but above all the time cycles. And when you combine the two, it get something really strong.

What interests us most is not just to say it like that. What we seek first and foremost, is to have quality signals. And we are always trying to have the most scientific approach as possible. That’s why we use statistics during years and years of backtestings. And we try to constantly improve the quality of signals.


How does it work in practice ?

Two types of color :

You have a 2 colors : light blue and dark blue. We wanted something to be recognizable at first glance. The dark blue represents a higher statistical probability to that of light blue. Voluntarily, we did not set percentage. Why ?

We don’t want people to take unnecessary risks. We know that for example, it will be 78%, 83%, etc. But if I say, “Here! this signal of 12h04 who is here, has a probability of 85%”, you will probably take big risks. And that’s not what we want, we try to be careful. We are looking to keep our head on our shoulders especially because that’s how you lose money in the markets. We may think we got here, beacuse we are the kings of markets. This is what happened to me and honestly, I do not want it to happen to you because, it is at this point that you will lose money.

So, for our signals, we have the dark blue and light blue, it’s very simple.


The bars height :

Have you also noticed the height of the bars? There are usually three or four heights, it depends. This indicates the strength of the signal, it is expressed in pips or tics. So, it depends if you are on an index or a currency. It is the same, we know it in advance, but in general it is the same reasoning. We prefer not to indicate it precisely to you.

You shoukd know that, in general, the smallest bars is fifteen points. So, the higher it is, the darker is its blue color and therefore, the more you have a better statistical probability of realization (and especially a force, a hope for a fairly powerful movement).



Look what’s next :

That’s it! So, I invite you to see the next article which will talk about the signal polarity and supporting evidence (element of confirmation). It’s about how we enter, how we pass an order with all this.

See you soon !

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